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For A Young Generation In America

By December 20, 2012October 11th, 2013Vision

When I was 20, the Lord spoke to me and said, “I’ve called you to bring the Gospel to developing nations. I’ve also called you to be an example and an inspiration to the rising generation in America.” I often accentuate the first aspect of my call to evangelize, and I sometimes fail to communicate the depth of passion we also carry for the second part.

Did you know 37% of teenage girls get pregnant before age 20? Did you know 47% of teens drink alcohol regularly? Less than 50% attend church. 4,000 American teens a year take their own life.

There is a young generation in America that needs to experience the power of God. They need to be awakened to God’s dream for their life. This year, we traveled to 36 cities across the US bringing impacting messages to young people in America. We also took 375 of them with us on life-changing international missions trips. American youth, many for their first-time, led people to Christ. They prayed for the sick. They served in medical clinics. They embraced orphans and introduced them to new homes.

I believe now more than ever we must capture the minds and hearts of the rising generation. We must INSPIRE them, not demean them. We must ENVISION them, not lecture them. We must SHOW them the Bible isn’t just a story book – it is a revelation of God himself.

Your giving and prayers in 2012 positioned us to influence thousands of teenagers and young adults. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


– Dominic and The Missions.Me Team

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