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Dominic Russo is a speaker, a humanitarian, and an innovator in international missions. At the young age of 20, Dominic founded Missions.Me and began organizing strategic outreach campaigns in cities across Latin America.

In 2011, Dominic launched the “1Nation1Day” vision in Honduras – a project that attracted the largest foreign missions team in history and was officially declared a national holiday by the Honduran President. On the week of July 20, 2013 more than 1 million Hondurans were personally reached through the 1Nation1Day outreaches and every national newspaper announced “We Have A New Honduras.” Recognizing it was never supposed to be one moment for one nation, the 1Nation1Day movement grew to include The Dominican Republic in 2015, Nicaragua in 2017, and Peru in 2019. All four campaigns were marked by a historic level of collaboration among national political and religious leaders. In total, 19,029 team members were mobilized and over 3.6 million people were reached face to face through the various outreach initiatives.

Dominic’s inspires hearts to dream bigger and leaders to unite for exponential impact. In 2010, Dominic’s wife Lindsay founded Angel House – an organization that has provided 202 Angel Houses, home to over 5,000 children in India and a freedom campus that shelters and rehabilitates nearly 100 victims of human trafficking annually in Nepal. Together, they reside in Southern California with their three children, Mason, Jude, and Liviana.

Empower people to change the world

Dominic’s Mission
About Missions.Me

Missions.Me empowers people to change the world. Whether it is introducing a street orphan to their new home, leading a nation in a prayer of reconciliation, offering medical relief to the suffering, or hosting large missions teams, Missions.Me strategically connects willing hearts to urgent needs across the globe.  Each project is carefully managed to serve a long-term, sustainable purpose.

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About 1Nation1Day

We are living in a new missions era. The vision of 1Nation1Day is to unite the global church for the salvation and transformation of nations.

About Angel House

In 2009, Dominic and Lindsay Russo began working in the villages of Hyderabad, India raising funds for humanitarian projects. During a trip to the small village of B. Thandrapadu, a group of orphans crossed their path and they were never the same.

What began as one house construction for that special group of children has now grown into a multifaceted charitable organization which exists to rescue abandoned orphans and provide them with a new life by giving them a home, a family, and an education. Angel House has built hundreds of homes and rescued thousands of abandoned children.