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The Few

By January 25, 2012November 12th, 2013Uncategorized

Apparently throughout Church History and in every generation…
there have been two distinct groups: the many and the few. The “many” witness the prevailing needs in their generation and merely sympathize. Then, there’s the “few.”

Jesus referred to the “few” incessantly. He talked about the narrow road that only “few” find. He talked about the “few” that are chosen. Then, he referred to the “few” in the context of global salvation when he said…

“The harvest is vast, but the workers are few.”

Surely, the first part of this statement is the obvious portion – “The harvest is vast.”

Jesus spoke bluntly in his one-on-one chat with Nicodemus that he did not come to condemn the world. He didn’t come to tell the world how bad they are. He didn’t need to. Because the world is already condemned. He came to save them.

Every single person is born condemned. Think about that. Especially think about that in light of my last blog where I highlighted the startling reality that 3 billion people have never heard a clear Gospel presentation and half of those 3 billion have never even heard the name “JESUS.”

The most basic Christian doctrine instructs us that all people are born with a death sentence. In the Old Testament, God makes an agreement, a covenant, that the blood of animals sacrificed on altars deflected God’s judgment against sin. The book of Hebrews teaches us, however, that the New Covenant made the Old Covenant void. In the New Covenant, the blood from the eternal Lamb of God, Jesus, rescues people from God’s judgment and washes away sins. When we place faith in Christ, His blood is applied to the altar of our hearts.

I believe the “few” dare to grapple with the implications and the fate of 3 billion. They wrestle with the uncomfortable biblical truth that without Christ’s blood all men are condemned.

The “few” order their lives in light of the heart-pounding conclusion that unless they hear, the 3 billion will not believe, and if they do not believe, they will not be saved. It is as that moment, the “few” determine in their hearts that nothing is more important than the vast harvest.

Who are the “few” in this generation? I believe this is a question God is asking. Right now. In 2012.

– Dominic

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